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Indian Students Association Magdeburg
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Hello Friends,

                    Welcome to Indian Student Association at the University of Magdeburg. This site mainly contains information about the activities of students and the Indian Community at the university. Here you can find information about the life at University. If you are a recently enrolled student, please visit the new student section, you can find information from application process to arrival information. Please visit the album section for cultural and related functions photos. You can also apply for membership by filling out the form provided in the members section. I hope you will enjoy the stay and don't forget to sign the guest book with your valuable comments about this site.

On this home page, we'll introduce our club and give some examples of the types of activities we're involved in.


In this area, we might include links that highlight important or frequently updated areas of our site. For example, we might include links to the page that discusses upcoming events or that introduces new members.

For further information contact Mr. B.V. Mishra

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